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Business Success Prayer Bible


At last, a scriptural prayer program for business success. Especially for business people and entrepreneurs!

The Business Success Prayer Bible will provide scriptural prayer programs in making business decisions God’s way, protecting businesses, handling negotiations, calling in revenue, customers, resources and living a responsible committed happy family life as a business person.

The most needed prayer program to address situations and circumstances encountered every day in today’s business world. Through this book, author, Dr. Uduak Mme aim at empowering business developers, business leaders and entrepreneurs to succeed in their business activities and involvements.

It is a scripture-based topical and prayer Bible necessary for your devotion and:

  1. When You Want To Start A Business
  2. When You Want To Buy A Business
  3. When You Want To Finance A Business
  4. When You Want To Employ
  5. For Your Business Protection And Success
  6. For Your Wisdom In Business
  7. For Your Business Opportunities
  8. For Your Time Management
  9. For Your Skills In Negotiations
  10. When You Want To Motivate Yourself And Staff
  11. For Handling Business Challenges.

My prayer for you is that God may expand your life as He helps you to ascend to new heights of spiritual and financial prosperity. I am committed to your development and success.

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