On behalf of the entire leadership of this family of God, it is our privilege to welcome you today to this great and glorious family, and we sincerely look forward to you making this great house your home.

God set this ministry apart to connect people with God’s Wisdom and Faith. We care about you and we want to help you build your faith in God through His Word and assist you in applying the knowledge of God’s Word (Divine Wisdom) in order to find the answers you need to make decisions that will positively impact your future. We are “Word Church”, “Word Believers”, and “Word Doers”.

Once we see it in the Word, we form our life around it. We change our life to fit the Word – the very Wisdom of God. We are not to accept failure in any area of our life, but to fight it, stand against it, believe God and the integrity of His Word and we are certain to come out victorious on the other side.

Please take some time to browse our website and explore the many features and services available to you and may the blessings and testimonies that abide in this house flow to you and your family, in Jesus’ victorious name.

Thank you for visiting our website. Once again, you are most welcome to fellowship with us as a member of this great family. God bless you!

Childrens Church